Why Choose an Academic Venue?


There are a number of reasons to consider an academic venue over a hotel or business centre for an event. 

Be it outdoor space or greater flexibility and choice, a venue visit to your local college or university should definitely be on your event checklist. 

 Value for money

This is the number one influencing factor when booking a conference according to the British Meetings and Events Industry Survey (BMEIS). Conference business is valuable but incremental revenue to universities  – as the cost of the conference facilities is supported by a number of services often already employed to deliver a service to students, the cost is competitive when passed on to organisers.


Being flexible is key for an academic venue which is why universities offer very flexible space with equally flexible furniture to accommodate a number of different room layouts.


Academic venus often have dedicated event facilities at their finger tips and  room availability tends to increase massively out of term time giving greater chance of availability for conferences, meetings and events.


Academic venues are built with large numbers of people in mind with specific areas designed for congregating groups. These provide great networking/breakout spaces which is a key requirement for many organisers and according to the BMEIS, the ‘most important aspect of meetings’.


AV is often built into the room and the overall cost, making it far more competitive in colleges and universities than in hotels/conference venues and free Wi-Fi often comes as standard. This can be cheaper, quicker and more practical and technicians are always on site to help out.

 Customer service

Academic venues offer good employee benefits which results in a lower turnover of dedicated staff. For the client this means: continuity of service, attention to detail (as staff remember clients from previous bookings), friendliness and a more personal service.


There is so much space to choose from including sports halls to great halls, lecture theatres to meeting rooms, exhibition spaces to large open outdoor areas. At Regent’s College, even the exteriors of buildings are in demand for TV and film companies.

Unique experiences

An academic venue can offer something different from your standard hotel or conference room. You could be having your meeting in the most amazing historical building or the latest architectural masterpiece with fantastic views.

 Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

From reducing waste, pollution and carbon emissions to working with local suppliers (who also have strong sustainable credentials), universities tend to be leaders in the CSR field.

 Sustainability is also a key part of an academic venues wider policy on CSR where they closely examine their impact on resources, environment and the local community.

Ask the experts

On-site specialists can come in really useful for a range of different conferences.


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